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    其实我不是特别在乎这些BUG, 上NB了我想玩RS
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    咩- -||(被银酱传染了)     熙的个人贴吧          熙夜雨吧   http://tieba.baidu.com/f?ct=&tn=&rn=&pn=&lm=&sc=&kw=%CE%F5%D2%B9%D3%EA
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    A Look at the Hawks Atlanta is in the midst of a seven-game homestand during which they play every other day like clockwork for the span of two weeks. It's a pretty cushy setup considering the time of year and the Hawks have responded by posting four wins in their first four games of the stretch. Their opponents were Detroit, New Orleans, Utah, and Indiana. No real slouches there. This could be a difficult game for the Blazers. Portland leaps out of the Devin Harris-Vince Carter frying pan and into the Joe Johnson-Mike Bibby fire. Johnson is having another great year, averaging 21.4 points, 6.1 assists, and 4.3 rebounds per game. He's like a Brandon Roy who favors the outside shot over driving. Brandon is a more efficient scorer but Johnson is plenty dangerous. Bibby is not the player he used to be in the Sacramento heyday but he's enough of a threat to bother Portland's weak perimeter defense. You may recall he scored 27 when these two teams met in February. He also averages 5 assists. The difference between the Hawks and Nets is that Atlanta has powerful, athletic, frontcourt players. Josh Smith and Al Horford can pound you and they do a pretty good job of getting up and down the floor as well. They're good rebounders. They're decent defenders. They're a handful. Fortunately for the Blazers Marvin Williams has a bad back and is out. 6'5" Maurice Evans is taking his place. Evans is a sharpshooter while Williams would have presented another serious athletic challenge. This is good for Nicolas Batum. Furthermore Josh Smith apparently got in an argument with coach Mike Woodson in the Hawks' last game and got benched for it. One can only hope that his focus is off. (I wouldn't count on it, but you'll take every edge you can get.) A month ago these two teams had each other going around in circles. The Hawks' guards produced a torrid flow of points. Rudy, Roy, and Steve punished them on the other end. Atlanta locked down defensively, forcing us to go against the clock. We bullied through on the boards. In the end our own forwards--Aldridge and Outlaw with a little hustle from Batum--sliced through them like a dagger and provided the 10-point cushion in a second half that demanded as much energy as any we've played. Had Portland not been at home the story may have been different. And they're not at home today. The Hawks play around Portland's pace, though they'll gladly run if given the chance. They are less efficient offensively but more efficient defensively. Both teams are good with the ball and both teams share it. The Blazers are the superior rebounding team by a substantial margin, the most glaring difference between the two teams. Basically they're quite similar with Portland possessing a little more skill and Atlanta more raw power. We didn't have Oden last time we met them but LaMarcus Aldridge filled in nicely on the boards. We did have Rudy and he stuck 19 on the Hawks. He won't play this time and it's a sure bet we're going to need some extra scoring from our backcourt bench. Keys to the Game 1. The most obvious matchup today is Roy versus Johnson. Whatever Joe does, Roy has to do back. Beyond that, you have to hit this Atlanta team where they're weak and that's the backcourt defense. Portland's guards need to be aggressive and alert. If you give Johnson and Bibby easy outs defensively you're not going to beat this team. Get past them and either hit the shot or see what havoc you can create inside. 2. This game will be a test of toughness for the Blazer frontcourt. You know Joel Przybilla is going to bring it but he's only one man. Atlanta has at least two. The Blazer forwards will need all the chutzpah they can muster today. They cannot get pushed around. They must rebound. They must take the ball to the rim and draw fouls. They have to be enough of a threat to make their defenders stay home instead of racking up Roy every time he drives. Hard-nosed, nasty, and effective are the order of the day. Let's hope they're on the menu. 3. Besides Outlaw, who is going to have his hands full anyway, who is going to be our savior off of the bench? Sergio Rodriguez, Jerryd Bayless, Channing Frye, Shavlik Randolph...somebody's going to have to step up and replace the scoring that Rudy or Oden (or for that matter Martell Webster) would have given us. The starters are already halfway strung out physically. This trip is going to require the bench players to show that they deserve not only their current spots, but more. 4. If we don't win the rebounding battle we don't win the game. 5. Watch for free throws and points in the paint. We can't get blown out in either category.
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    来了就歇歇吧 - -
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    宠儿!你没看见我么!你这个天然受!= =
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    我们还真是像啊 一开始她就告诉我会有意外,我们可能走不了那么久 可我就是傻,只能说一点,我会因为她高兴而高兴,自己承受一些痛苦,并没有什么都告诉她,也会因为她烦恼而烦恼,回想起来,我们的矛盾确实很多,但一直以为可以挺过去...
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    愚人节? —————————————————————————— 我叫夜月の畔~~~叫我月就可以啦T-T (话外音:虽然很多人觉得奇怪T-T会联想到夜神月等人T-T)
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    我们公司星期五、六都有活动。 还可以抽取刘德华 4/10号演唱会门票、 星期五晚上的K歌比赛活动、只要参与就有奖。 希望各界人士多多参与、 记得详情请电话。希望大家每天都有一个好的心情。
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    确实牛B 确实是单黄!
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    可以补送礼物的说~~~-w- 有心意就好了……> < 等明年吧……-w- [某只贺文已经弃在那了……= =]
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    .......不会吧。 嫁给你有好处没啊?人家还是处男啊!
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    = =大家都很有爱~~~~~~
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    9:挖哈哈,那个是锦子专属称呼 乃可以叫咱浅伤,契,Ningko,柠檬茶这些
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    有没有模拟挤粉刺的 好吧我恶心了……
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    激光..你爱上了海绵宝宝了么..= =~ 它是如此的可爱..如此的勇敢..如此的英俊.. 以至于你爱上了他么= =~··
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    TOT 玉露好美··· 偶好想买·· 但是偶都N个月不充YB 玩了
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    加基森:魔纹布×40 弱效助溶剂×4=500声望.部落机场旁边,挨着兽栏管理员路牌下的地精......注意,是强效助溶剂!!!
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    话说我们这边还有TOWN CAR的灵车…………囧~~~
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    加伤害的那个技能点满上去平砍。这阶段最辛苦。30以后去花果山。。物理系练级明显慢了。。秒吧 35以后带个龟丞相。。这时候条条大道通光明了
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    这张图就在昭昭的相似人物的帖子里呃 去问问昭昭
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    母亲,是滂沱大雨中的港湾,为你挡雨,是烈日炎炎下的大树,为你遮雨;是你心灵受创时的依靠,给你安慰,母亲,您对我的恩情比山还高,比海还深,岂是一个谢字能了。 ——题记 从我呱呱落地后,您便背上了一个沉重的担子,纵使这样,您还是悉心照顾着我,呵护着我,您的爱,让我茁壮成长,从出生到现在,我每天都沉浸在您为我营造的爱巢中,我却从未去回报过您。我知道,您从未想到让我回报您,您给我关怀,只是希望每天都看见一个健康、快乐的我。我不知如何来表达我对您的感激之情,算了,就让这份感激之情永远珍藏在我心里吧。 生命中首次给我拥抱的人,是您,您忍着痛苦,将我生下来,在您的心中,我永远是焕发着活力,拥抱着我,您就好像拥抱着世界上最柔软最美好的希望,您很努力地保护我,不让我受到半点伤害,我却一次又一次地刺痛您的心。对不起,妈妈,我不应该不理解您。 母亲,应该是很神圣的字眼,是不能被污蔑与忽视的。母亲给予了我们无限的爱,没有母亲,就没有我们,让我们去感谢母亲吧。感谢生命中首先给我们拥抱的那个人。 母亲的爱,是世界上最单纯、最无私、最伟大的爱,让我们为了这份爱,去感谢母亲吧。这份爱,是最珍贵的,让我们去珍惜这份爱吧!
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    我曾经只是一名清华北大的教授而已... 现在,我来在这里只想做一名幼儿园的学生
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